Land valuation calls for highly trained expert valuers for evaluation

Land valuation is a field requiring a specialized valuer to perform the valuations. It is quite a complex task posing too many challenges. It is quite out of the capacity of the Property Valuation Melbourne to be trained. There is a dire need of training the valuers in the market. One should start learning the procedures of valuations with creative inputs and match current lawfulness setting and regulation with it. There is dire need of developing more market facing the training the programs for the valuers that expose the valuers to the house or land valuations service domain from the buyers’ or customers’ perspective. One should be learning beyond the procedure of the valuation and the current regulations. One needs to emphasize the training of valuers for affecting house or land valuations’ as it is one of the traits to instill confidence and trust among the customers.  

There is a dire need of developing more market facing training programs for valuers that expose the valuers to the house or land valuations service domain from a buyer or customers’ perspective. This should go well beyond learning just the procedures of valuations and the current regulations. What needs to be emphasized in training valuers for effecting house or land valuations’ is the trait to instill consumer confidence in their services and also the traits to minimize service costs so as to be able to craft rock solid outcomes. There are a couple of accredited courses in the market from certificate to more in depth ones. Such courses range from week-long courses to two to five year’s full or part time/external courses leading to graduate and master’s degrees, such courses are also run in recognition as Certified Practicing Valuer.

A short orientation is a necessity for education on customers’ expectations and lands and houses. Course that generate awareness regarding the property transactions that they enter into and the way one can enter into the property market. One is to be taught how best one can accomplish the valuation with adhering to the requirements of transacting in land valuations.

Courses such as advanced diplomas particularly focusing on property services of valuations must be more nicely designed so as to attract the practicing valuers as suitable for their professional needs. Property valuation courses primarily are meant for such working professionals who already hold a three-year degree in an appropriate discipline, viz., architecture, building, quantity surveying, commerce, business, law or engineering. They are also required to have at least one year of relevant professional work experience so as to benefit from such market oriented practical courses. Some of the practical courses provide professional qualifications that are eligible to qualify as certified property valuer designations and they also provide flexibility to study. Courses with professional and international recognition are such courses which provide a holistic view of the domain of valuations of house or land and also give a qualifying degree. The Courses aim in making the valuers more competent to be able to do excellent valuations of land and house properties also catering to the expectation to the various stakeholders and the lending institutions.