The brilliance of the Property Valuation of the slaves.


still, this isn’t so, If you suppose that there are no Property Valuation. There are formerly further than 70 million of them. And there are roughly 53 million homes. Well, if it’s rude. That is, one manage has one and a half apartments. Fun, presumably, mortgage slaves.

perhaps the apartments are big? No. 18 million bones, nearly 30 million twos and 19 million threes. By the way, the average area of an apartment is 56 measures. But you can, of course, make a barn on six acres, proudly call it a house, count as numerous as 140 measures in it with stairs and basements, say that2.30 ceilings are fashionable, and live in the midst of a shocking and ringing” nothing”. In the house. Also mortgage. And now about why this is absurd.
1) HALF of the loans are taken by people aged 30- 40 times. Considering that in Russia more than 2 million mortgages are issued per time, half is a million.

Million families Again, for simplicity, we will assume that there are two grown-ups in the family who were born at the same time. That is, in 2000,1.2 million people were born, and they will form 600 thousand families. In 1983, or when there was a peak birth rate,2.4 million people were born, and they formed1.2 a million families. Are you smart?

1 million loans for1.2 a million families. And the current 20- time- pasts simply won’t have enough to take such a number of loans, indeed if they’re given to everyone and everyone, anyhow of income. in dry residue.

The number of real estate objects is growing, by a million and a half annually, and the population is falling. formerly, a ménage has a normal of one and a half apartments. Small, not acclimated to life, 50- cadence” mortgage shack”. Still would!

The population doesn’t have plutocrat for normal apartments) This means that in a tentative 10 times we will have 80 million real estate objects for 135 million people or 47 million homes. Where to put them? Investments? There aren’t so numerous investors, and no bone will need this concrete in such a cut. To call Uzbeks for a” preferential family mortgage” with automatic citizenship?

Not the fact that they will go, and the addict club won’t survive.

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