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Erpenbeck is the central figure in a scandal that has caused the downfall of a growing community bank in Northern Kentucky and ensnared the properties of more than 200 hundred homeowners in legal limbo. 

Last April, the FBI began investigating allegations that Bill Erpenbeck misdirected at least $33 million in checks from home closings and deposited

The money in bank accounts. Peoples Bank officials said Erpenbeck deposited $25.7 million of the misdirected checks into his accounts at their bank. 

Peoples Bank directors forced the resignation of former bank President and CEO John Finnan and former Executive Vice President Marc Menne because of a side business that did real estate deals with Erpenbeck. Peoples Bank had $8 million in loans to Erpenbec.

Which went over its $6 million limit for loans to any one customer by 50 percent. At long last one thing you have to audit is that while doing property valuation process you should dependably take case that

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Peoples Bank has been sued by shareholders and more than 200 homeowners who had liens on their homes because of the misdirected checks.

A settlement has been reached and homeowners are in the process of getting the liens released. The situation forced Peoples Bank to sell its assets to Bank of Kentucky.

Possible prison terms for Bill Erpenbeck, who has now admitted to stealing nearly $34 million meant to pay off loans on homes his company built, range all the way from six months to 30 years. 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Kathleen Brinkman said Wednesday she anticipated the formerhigh-flying homebuilder would do some time, but wouldn’t say how much, and defense attorneys wouldn’t speculate on that, either. But a source close to the case told The Post that an estimate of 10 years that surfaced earlier in the investigation still seems to be on target. Property valuation is important for both people the people who are conclusion to offer their home or whether who is not thinking to offer their home. Knowing hose expense is never a waste of structure.